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  • OXE Ltd (2018)

OXE Ltd - Seismic Data Optimisation, Fast track Inversion & Cloud Hosting & Remote Azure 'CPU Node P

  • Free Seismic Data Screening Service & Data Optimisation Plan

  • Optimise current seismic data sets with our Post-stack seismic enhancement techniques

  • Fast-track seismic inversion & attributes  in week rather than months

  • Project Builds, Data loading & Data basing

  • Cloud Solutions for E&P / Remote CPU Power - for hosting entire Projects / Database and Software (Remote access). With unlimited CPU NODE (Computing Power) technology, have unlimited CPU power without large capital outlay - ideal for complex modelling projects. We write bespoke environments using Microsoft Azure, whereby multiple team members can access software independently from anywhere in the world

  • On demand remote project spaces , unlimited CPU power with industry standard software available on a monthly / yearly basis to meet project demands.

  • Call us for a quote or arrange a free data optimisation screening with recommendations.

'' During periods of consolidation what better time to  audit & optimise your workstation projects and seismic data sets ''

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